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Independent asset managers in Switzerland are currently faced with a myriad of challenges, from increasing operating costs for regulatory compliance via managing increasingly demanding relationships with their custodian partners to potential loss of important revenue sources.

Next to implementing cost-efficient compliance and IT solutions, market participants have expressed a need to grow or partner with like-minded wealth management organizations, to re-focus on certain markets and clients, or to transition their clients in a profitable manner in anticipation of their retirement from the wealth management industry.

In order to facilitate the required industry re-segmentation, collaboration and consolidation in an organized, efficient and cooperative manner, the CATCH® program has been expanded and specifically tailored for the needs of independent asset managers.

Two different participation models have been conceived in order to meet the full spectrum of potential strategic realignment needs: The CATCH® Partnership model supports IAMs who wish to join forces with like-minded wealth managers, while the CATCH® Client Transfer model supports IAMs who wish to exit certain clients/markets or retire altogether in an efficient and profitable manner.

IAMs are now welcome to benefit from this bespoke CATCH® offering via free, straightforward and non-committal registration.

For more information, please contact us at catch@milleniumassociates.com.

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